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Why you’re still fat

You eat too many calories. No really, that’s it. I can already hear the “yes, but” and you can save yourself the trouble. The research evidence is as clear on this topic as it could possibly be.

Now, in a perfect world this would be the sum total of the entire blog, you would reduce your calorie intake and within a few months enjoy a lovely set of abs. But why is it so hard to do something that’s in theory so simple?

There are several factors involved. The first being the difficulty in establishing your required caloric intake. There are thousands of online calculators and each one gives a different answer depending on how you answer questions about your activity level and body composition. The only available counter to this is trial and error. It takes several dedicated weeks of sticking to a plan before you even begin to see changes. So if you overestimate your requirements, you will gradually start gaining weight or see no change at all. If this is the case, reduce your daily intake by 100-200 kcals per week and keep track of how it affects you. This whole process can take several months before you find the sweet spot and you need to remain focused!

Secondly, you obviously don’t measure your food intake properly and you’re eating way more than you think you are. Buy a kitchen scale and weigh every single thing you put in your mouth (don’t make that dirty). Yes it’s a pain in the ass, but if you want to see results you have to put in the effort. There are several really good apps for this and I personally recommend myfitnesspal, especially given its impressive food database. If you happen to go out to eat, you can search your meal and probably end up with a reasonably accurate estimate. You’re on your phone scrolling through Instagram anyway, you may as well add your food in the app while you’re at it.

Third and probably the most criminally underrated is that you’re completely skewing your macros by not eating nearly enough protein. For weight loss and muscle gain, you should be looking at an equal split between carbs, fat and protein. This can of course vary between individuals, so record your intake and adjust every few weeks if you don’t see results. However, in all likelihood you’re living mostly on carbs and a bit of fat. With the popularity of veganism, this is an even bigger problem. So measure, measure, measure and keep shovelling protein down your throat until even your tongue looks like a stage ready bodybuilder.

Lastly, you’re snacking on crap and you know it. There’s no point in eating a lean beef salad for lunch if you’re going to grab fistfulls of peanuts while sitting at the bar drinking your alcohol free beer. Going back to the first point, measure every single thing you eat no matter how small it is. Calories are sneaky little fuckers that like to crowd together and hide in delicious treats.

Don’t get down on yourself and look at this as a dreadful punishment. You can still eat your favourite food, just keep your total daily intake under control and balance your macros. It’s really not that hard, you just need to keep your phone in one hand recording your food intake while you use the other one to eat cookies.

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